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We offer fax services for efficient communication. Faxing is often used in business for immediate communication between two fax machines. Instead of wasting money on stamps and envelopes, not to mention the time it takes to mail; fax your documents instead. Mailing sometimes requires making a copy for yourself before mailing the originals, so avoid that hastle by keeping the original and faxing it. The next time you need to fax something and can't seem to find a fax machine, remember us!


Scanning allows a copy of paper documents to be saved electronically. This makes communication quicker and easier as those electronic documents can then be emailed at the click of a button. Scanning also saves physical storage space as documents no longer need to be saved as a hard copy, but can be saved electronically. If you need to get a paper document into an electronic format, come see us here at L & L Printing!


Emailing allows immediate communication to be received by the recipient the next time they check their email! Email allows for threads of conversation giving your message more context. With just a click of a button and without the hassle or time required for paper mailing, emailing has become one of the most common business and personal communications. Email saves physical space, as the emails are saved digitally. If you need to send an email, come to L & L!

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